Round 4 Newport

A tough day for Hawkesbury Valley with a decimated player roster making the long trip out to Newport. With a team full of players either injured or unavailable it proved to be too big a task against a full strength Newport who were celebrating their gala day.

1st Grade: Loss 7 – 17

Hawkesbury Valley’s 1st XV suffered their second loss of the season struggling with a reshuffled side against a full strength Newport. The home side skipped away to an early lead scoring a try against the run of play. A mystery penalty took their lead to 0 – 10 shortly before half time.

The referee continued his odd interpretations of the rugby laws in the second half quickly bring out the yellow card when any objection was raised. Despite being down a man Hawkesbury rallied opening a gap in the Newport defence for Ants Connon to steam through for a well-deserved try.

Although Hawkesbury finished stronger the ever blowing whistle kept them in check before they could get a roll on.

Elf Farm Supplies Man of the match Points:

3: Jason Hookham

2: Damian Mason

1: Aidan Hopping / Morgan Hornsby

Refs Points:

2: Jason Hookham

Players Player: Morgan Hornsby / Jake Knight

2nd Grade: Loss 0 – 39

Hawkesbury’s 2nd XV started well but fatigue settled in by the end of the match allowing Newport to run up a big score toward the end of the game. Several on-field altercations due largely to the referee losing his control didn’t help matters and resulted in several stoppages in play.

The second half didn’t improve matters with the referee making his best decision of the day when he called full time early. A disappointing result but with a lack of players not unexpected.

Airbus Group Man of the match Points:

3: Luke Goodwin

2: Luke Moore

1: Aaron Hidalgo / Christian Little

3rd Grade: Win 0 - 47

A solid effort from the 3rd XV who showed guts and determination against a young mobile side. Holding the ball in tight Hawkesbury ground their way down field but were let down by handling errors as they pushed their passes trying to gain advantage.

Using their speed out wide Newport ran away with the game managing 2 intercepts in the process to put the game out of reach.

Finance Made Easy Man of the match Points:

3: Dennis Hirini / Beau Smith

2: Auckland Oloaga / David Wilcox

1: Mohammad Rosadhie

Colts: Loss 7 - 47

            Hawkesbury Colts got away to a great start but a simple handling error gave the ball to Newport who quickly moved the ball and took their advantage up-field to open the scoring. Hawkesbury hit back quickly with a superb break by Zach Fortini, showing great acceleration Zach found himself in the open with Aidan Hopping in support sending him to the good end of the field for their first try. Newport rallied late in the half to take a 5 point lead finding a hole in the scrambling Hawkesbury defence.

            With no reserves available Hawkesbury started to feel the pinch in the second half with gaps appearing in their defence allowing Newport to dominate play. Some outstanding defensive Zach Fisher and Aidan Hopping kept the score from blowing out further and earned them a spot on the 1st XV reserve bench.

Bligh Park Butchery Man of the Match Points:

3: Zach Fisher

2: Matthew & Jake Fleming

1: Thomas Amone

Hawkesbury Valley are away again next week v St Ives at Hassel Park

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