Club Song

The Men in Blue


(Sung to the tune of ‘Click Go The Shears')


Verse 1:

Out on the Rugby field the men in blue we stand,

In the empty grandstand sit down all our fans,

We’ll run the ball all day and we’ll take em’ on up front,

And everyone we play against reckons that we’re tough.




Up goes the cheers boys “BLUE BLUE BLUE”,

We play the game to win, but we don’t care if we lose,

And when the game is over to the drinking we will rally,

we’re loud obnoxious bastards & we play for Hawkesbury Valley



Verse 2:

When the game is over who cares about the score
We head straight to the bar to have a drink then drink some more
We'll sing and drink until we're merry drink more and run amok
They call us filthy bastards but we couldn't give a damn



Verse 3:

We get home Sunday morning as we get inside the gate
The missus starts throwing things abusing all our mates
She says she hates the game called rugby she's seen it all before



Verse 4:

Saturday comes around again and we're feeling glum
The missus is really cranky but we wouldn't mind the run
The screaming and the shouting and the abusing all in vain
We pack our footy boots and socks and do it all again.


From Vaughan's archives

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